Datums 3

Behavior Analysis: 96%

You call up your final assignment of the day – potentially the final mid echelon assignment you’ll ever perform, it dawns on you – and it appears, floating in the air in front of you.

Call Johnson.

Goodness type 90.014A

An Arbitrator and the highest Good you’ve seen since you’ve been at this job – barely below you in the Mid Echelon, and a member of your Goodness.

Age: 52.

Family: Sister – Natalie, age 49 – Quanputer Developer – Goodness type 98.000A.

Connections in the Upper Pinnacle? You’ve heard stories of Upper Ech family protecting their own before, but you’ve handled similar situations without any change in your Good.

Occupation: Pinnacle 16 arbitrator. Responsible for reassigning external Educators, sub-types 38.100A-39.200E. Last up: 2 months. 

Recent behavior for sub-type: 80%. 

That’s fairly high for a reassignment. Interesting.

Formerly: Educator – Goodness 40.999A.

Recommendation: Termination.

Immediately recommending termination? This is unprecedented. You’ve never even heard your colleagues discussing anything like it before. Your jobs are to reclassify people so that they can better achieve their Good; this occasionally involves termination, but it’s never the first course of action. Why? How does that support the Good?

Probable Outcome: Upon refusal, extermination.

Unprecedented indeed…

What crime could be so egregious that it would result not in being cast out of the Good, but being eliminated? What could possibly result in extermination?

You’re frozen in thought.

Behavior Analysis: 94%

Goodness. You signal as quickly as you can. The comm rings out after 2 minutes. You signal again. The comm rings out after 2 minutes.

Behavior Analysis: 93%

Great Good – a challenge! You signal your lead – one office over. He’s a well-respected member of the Good – he even served in the Upper Ech for several years before his wife succumbed to cancer and he briefly – but notably – succumbed to tardiness. Since that time he has worked his way back up to the top of your Goodness, but has consistently refused reassignment to the Upper Ech. Why someone would refuse a job in the Upper Pinnacle is beyond you.

His projection appears in front of you, standing a few feet away in the middle of the room. You explain the situation.

“I can’t say this hasn’t happened before,” he tells you. “In cases of non-comm the Good action is direct confrontation. As we’re told in the Formative Ideals, ‘The Best course of Action is always to Act.'”

You have often wondered about this phrase – if it’s true, why is sleep recommended in the Good? And what of the combat soldier pinned down on all sides while reinforcements are on the way? You shake the idea away and tune back in to your lead’s monologue on Action.

“You simply have no other option but to track him down. This Call fellow must be an intelligent man or he’d never have managed to disconnect his implants, but no one can elude the Good for long. As the Higher Ideals tell us, ‘The Good always triumphs over the Rest, for United Will always triumphs over Divided Interest.'”

A pang of sadness washes over you. You remember the day, years ago, when the Guide quoted that portion of the Higher Ideals to you.

While your wife has been removed from the Good, you must believe that the Good will triumph. Stand with us in unity so that the grief that poisoned her mind will not drag you down into the Rest as well. You must not succumb to her obsession.

In your reflection, you accidentally trigger the memory recall program to project a small picture of your wife and a copy of the ultrasound – the final image of your still born child, and the one your wife refused to discard at the end of her Good grieving period. The image – no, the obsession – that drowned her into the Rest.

Behavior Analysis: 91%

Tuning back in to the lead, you notice his expressions as he quotes the Ideals. It is not the religious rapture of the Guides; it is not the anger of the Rest; it is not the dejected hopelessness of the terminated. It’s subtle, but noticeable. A small down curl of the lips at the corner of the mouth. Is that contempt?

He’s quoting from the Ideal of the Charge. A momentous and rare occasion; when the Good was new and the Conflict of Ascension raged, hundreds of Charges had been issued. Since then, fewer than twelve had been assigned.

“‘And so, I give you the charge of tracking down Call Johnson. No door shall be closed to you and no member of the Good shall refuse any request in your service to the Good. May your path lead to goodness, and may your goodness lead to the Good.'” He pauses and looks at you. A considerate gaze. “You have 72 hours to find Call. You can access the entire Pinnacle in your efforts, from the waste pits of the bottom levels to the private closets of any member of the Upper Echelon.”

He raises his hand toward you as if offering a snack. A number appears above it – a new Goodness type, 94.899X. A status almost as high as your lead’s.

“Be diligent. Be quick. Be Good.” His image vanishes.

As you take your seat, you shudder a little to think about what the X stands for, and the new Actions that you can take as a result. While there is no formal distinction made in the Good, it is generally accepted that the Truly Good would have a type of 100.999A. 100 – one’s Goodness type. 999 – one’s personal achievement within that level. And A – one’s leadership position within the type. The X position. Exceptional? Excellence? Extermination? So many possibilities…

Behavior Analysis: 90%

Too much thinking, not enough Action. Your new type requires rapid decision making. You’re energized in a new way. Weekends spent in the gym perfecting your Physical Good might finally pay off – seven years of office work and finally you get a chance to put your training to work.

You close the door to your office for the day. You hope it’s for the last time.

Behavior Analysis: 92%

Much better. A step in the right direction. The day isn’t done yet. You ride the lev to the 16th floor of the Pin. As it drops, you consider the past seven years – hour after hour of arbitration – nights spent studying and refining your Good – weekends spent honing active skills you thought you’d never use – dinners alone after terminating your own wife’s membership was recommended for your Good. You smile.

The doors open on Pin 16. You don’t hesitate before walking through.



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