Datums 2

Behavior Analysis: 92%

You arrive at the Sphere at precisely 7:58 A.M. Your coffee is waiting in the lobby. You grab it and shoot up the hundred stories to the Pinnacle – a 30 second ride – and step into your office at 7:59:48 A.M. Twelve seconds to spare. You take a deep breath and a sip of coffee as you sit down in your ergonomic chair. Perfect posture. You reflect on the beauty of this physical manifestation of the Good, this concrete and steel monolith of perfection.

Behavior Analysis: 93%

The Sphere – emblem of precision and power – centerpiece of the World Good. A hundred story tall, hundred story round sphere of glimmering composites – a perfect sphere to within one tenth of a millimeter. The bottom half: fifty levels of the latest quanputers being fed by quantum data tunnel connections to members from all over the country, giving up-to-date information of each member’s behavior and analyzing it with nanosecond precision. The upper floors: fifty levels of grunt analysts (they’ll never make it past Goodness 70  – ha!), tasked with interpreting the aggregations developed by the quanputers and updating the Definition of Good as the members of the Sphere seek to refine the Ideal of the Highest Good.

And sitting atop it all – 27 stories tall – the Pinnacle of the Good, a conical extension whose sole purpose is the administration and governance of the Good. The Pin, as your colleagues lovingly refer to it, is the executor of the Good. You’ve been working here for seven years, and already you’ve risen to the middle echelon – floor 18 – and by careful work and persistence, your lifetime average is approaching the requisite 93%. Soon you will join the Upper Pin – the summit of society – the peak of humanity from which the world is governed, proving once and for all beyond the shadow of a doubt that you belong to the

Behavior Analysis: 90%

Goodness! The small chime and fringe of red around your vision pulls you back to reality. Daydreaming again! Nevertheless, there’s still time today. If you can just finish with a Daily Good of 95%, it will all have been worth it.

You swipe your hand to the left and the laser implant around your pupils beams your first assignment of the day into your vision. His picture floats on your vision just above the garbage can. You shove down a thought of irony and a grim smile as you skim the profile.

Anton Smith.

Goodness type 51.014D

Age: 65.

Family: Wife – Maria, deceased 6 months. Children – Ty, deceased 6 months. Kelly, deceased 6 months. Rand, deceased 6 months. Pablo, deceased 6 months. Brother – Will, deceased 12 years.

Occupation: Floor 51 analyst. Tracks and updates Custodian Sub-type 4.204E. Last up: 6 months. 

Clearly something tragic happened to this man six months ago – but pursuit of the Good should never cease. You quickly call up the latest Definition of Good relevant to this assignment. “Mourning the loss of loved ones is an important part of healthy recovery. The Good period of mourning is 330 hours” – just short of two weeks, you calculate – “which should include 16 hours of grief counseling during the last 25% of the mourning period. Longer periods of mourning typically lead to depressive episodes which negatively impact the Good.”

You quietly note that there are no presumptions for multiple tragedies and make a note to requisition further Definition of the Good. Clearly the quanputers have the necessary data or you would have been assigned this profile months ago, but often the Analysts’ Definition of the Good lags several months behind the decision-making algorithms of the quanputers.

Recent average daily behavior for current Goodness type: 9%. 

Recommendation: Reassignment to Alcoholic Retiree Sub-type 2.010E.

Probably Outcome: Upon refusal, recommendation for termination. 

You wonder briefly why the Good requires you to suggest reassignment if the quanputers can predict human behavior to within one-billionth of one percent. Since when is 12 sigma not sufficient grounds for decision-making? You imagine this inefficiency will be refined out of your Goodness type before you retire – but hopefully after today it won’t matter. You’ll have a new, higher type. The Upper Pin!

A few more seconds pass as you wait for Anton to respond. He’s slurring his speech when he does reply. The quanputers are right, as usual. You suggest reassignment; he refuses; you schedule him for termination within the month – although he doesn’t know it. You feel sickened by the thought of his fate out with the Rest – those outside the Good and well outside the influence and protection of the Sphere. You can only imagine how they feel about those that have fallen from the Sphere. You type a requisition search for his replacement and form a thumbs up. The implants in your hand generate a signal to send your request to the Upper Pin.

The next assignment appears in front of you.

Behavior Analysis: 92%

Morning break, 15 minutes. You evacuate yourself and eat the recommended small snack. A second coffee is no longer recommended in the Good. Twelve more assignments.

Behavior Analysis: 93%

Lunch. You spend the Good 23 minutes eating the Good amount of calories (recently reduced by 52), take the Good 5 minute break to digest, and take 2 minutes to finish with the Good recommended healthy dessert. You spend 28 minutes meditating and reflecting on your Good, and 2 minutes walking back to your office. Sixteen more assignments.

Behavior Analysis: 94%

Twenty more assignments. A personal one day best at this type. Afternoon break, 15 minutes. You evacuate yourself and replenish your fluids.

Behavior Analysis: 95%

You’ve almost done it! 4:00 – time to reflect on the Good.

Behavior Analysis: 96%

So the momentous day passes, without occasion. One more assignment until the 16:37 whistle blows.


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