Behavior analysis: 92%.

A gnat buzzes near your ear. You firmly but gently decelerate as the man in front of you cuts you off. He must be drunk! The overrides on his car should never have let him drive like that. Stupid aftermarket upgrades. People have no respect for the Good.

Behavior analysis: 88%. Correction: 89%.

Shit. There goes your driving streak. Guess you should have put on the brakes a little sooner – damn bug. You grit your teeth but regulate your speed back to 149.5 km/h. Perfectly under the speed limit and the Ideal set for the Good.

Your mind waxes philosophical as you coast down the Inter. It bothers you, doesn’t it? That people still aren’t all on board. That there’s still a minority – no, that there’s anyone – that can’t understand the Good. That someone still thinks the needs of all aren’t worth making small concessions here and there; that the benefit of all isn’t worth the sacrifice of personal perfection.

And it is that. Perfection. Poring over the updates. Trying to embody the highest ideal – the Good. Living with the voice constantly critiquing you and chiseling you into the Ideal. You’re a little bit excited thinking about it.

Behavior analysis: 87%.

Eyes on the road. You straighten your posture and concentrate on your current task. You cruise down the road, maintaining perfect focus…

Behavior analysis: 90%.

Much better. Yes, you’re a little bit excited. Maybe today will be the day you finally make it into the True Pinnacle.

You center yourself. Breathe in. You are good. Breathe out. You are part of the Good. Breathe in. The Good is within you. Breathe out. The Good connects you. Breathe in. The Good guides you. Breathe out. The Good is you.

There are no more distractions as you continue on your way. You arrive at the Sphere precisely two minutes before the first whistle blows. A perfect start to a perfect day.



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