Datums 3

Behavior Analysis: 96% You call up your final assignment of the day – potentially the final mid echelon assignment you’ll ever perform, it dawns on you – and it appears, floating in the air in front of you. Call Johnson. Goodness type 90.014A An Arbitrator and the highest Good you’ve seen since you’ve been at […]

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Datums 2

Behavior Analysis: 92% You arrive at the Sphere at precisely 7:58 A.M. Your coffee is waiting in the lobby. You grab it and shoot up the hundred stories to the Pinnacle – a 30 second ride – and step into your office at 7:59:48 A.M. Twelve seconds to spare. You take a deep breath and […]

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Behavior analysis: 92%. A gnat buzzes near your ear. You firmly but gently decelerate as the man in front of you cuts you off. He must be drunk! The overrides on his car should never have let him drive like that. Stupid aftermarket upgrades. People have no respect for the Good. Behavior analysis: 88%. Correction: […]

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